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As Japan’s population declines, the shortage of IT personnel is only getting worse. In addition, the demand for IT is growing rapidly due to the unexpectedly rapid progress of digitization. Shortage of IT personnel will be the biggest obstacle in a few years in Japanese economy. SUM Digital consulting is working to provide a solution to this shortage by establishing an offshore development based in Indonesia.


Why SUM is chosen

We’ll provide you with the highest quality at the most reasonable price!

We have many Japanese staff members with extensive business experience in Asia!


Plan of programming system development

We mainly focus on “ Exclusive (lab) contract” and “ Service contract,” but we will be flexible to meet your needs.

Exclusive (lab) contract

We will set up a dedicated team within our company for our client, and the contract will be on a month-to-month basis. We also have staff who are fluent in Japanese, so development can proceed smoothly.

Languages: PHP、Ruby on rails、javascript

Service contract

Contracts are made on a case-by-case basis for website and application development.

Flow of delivery :
meeting with customer > estimate > place order > development > verification > delivery

Price List

Contract Development Cost List

Lite Plan

Standart Plan

Premium Plan

1,000 USD or more

2,500 USD or more

7,000 USD or more

  • ・Simple websites from 1 to 3 pages
  • ・LP, company introduction etc
  • ・Medium-sized websites from 3 to 10 pages
  • ・Created by WordPress
  • (clients can edit the information, products introduction etc)
  • ・E-commerce website for your own company
  • ・Large scale website
  • ・Degign
  • ・HTML Coding
  • ・Contact form
  • ・Design
  • ・HTML Coding
  • ・Contact form
  • ・Wordpress Implementation
  • ・Design
  • ・HTML Coding
  • ・Contact form
  • ・Wordpress Implementation
  • ・Multilingual system
  • (※Translation is not included)
  • ・Other Proprietary Systems

Estimated delivery time : 1 month

Estimated delivery time : 2 months

Estimated delivery time : 3 months